So, I've been doing this a couple of days now and I've been very nice. Enough nice!

Today I've had a story rejected. Now, believe it or not, I cope well with rejection, but sometimes I do wonder how much of a masochist a writer has to be to survive. A science fiction journal in the USA, which shall be nameless, accompanied the rejection with the following commment: 'You write well, but a spell check would help you get published. Things like recognise are just basic mistakes that should have been ironed out before you sent your story.'

Hmmm. So British English no longer exists. Idiosyncratic spelling is a bit of a bummer, I agree, and I wouldn't expect every editor to know that over here we feel recognise, aluminium and colour are correctly spelt. (Don't get me started on nuclear by the way.) But, and it's just a tiny little but, I did say, at the top of my submission - British spelling used throughout. Because, you see, I have had this experience before with science fiction journals and try to anticipate such contingencies.

So I'm miffed. And while I'm miffed, let me add a couple of other rejection irritations:

I anticipate a flood of comments detailing much more annoying rejections - so let loose the dogs of literary war!