What's better than galleys?

Getting your complimentary copies!

Through the post this morning came the gorgeously jacketed 'Mexico, A Love Story'. It's a Seal Press book from Avalon Publishing Group, edited by Camille Cusanamo, with whom I've worked several times now and whose selection and editorial skills I've come to respect and admire. You can see more of their list at www.sealpress.com

The essay I have in this anthology is called Coyote Hotel - my time in Mexico was wonderful and bewildering and I hope I've managed to capture some of my culture shock in the story I tell. This is also one of the times I get to try and make staple food crops sexy! When I started writing fiction, I had the idea that I could get environmental messages into my work: it doesn't happen as often as I'd like but this time, with the story of Cocoyoc (Coyote) and the teosinte (which is a forerunner of cultivated maize) I think I've pulled it off.

Publication is a writer's life-blood. Days when a book arrives make up for all the months when nothing happens.