Good Days and Bad Days

A large part of any writer's life is sending out work and waiting. Sending and waiting. Sending ... and waiting.

This week has been an exceptional one. It's only Tuesday and already I have had two rejections and (wait for it!) four acceptances.


That's never happened before. Ruthie's Club took a piece of erotica written for one of their upcoming themes, Espresso Fiction took two stories; one for May and one for July, and Traveler's Tales are running an excerpted reprint of a longer essay in their The World is a Kitchen anthology due out in September.

I've forgotten who the rejections were from - which is the way it should be. If you can celebrate your acceptances and forget your rejections you can probably develop the kind of skin a writer needs (something like a one-way crocodile carapace: it has to let through all the inspiration available to you in your daily life and none of the misery that goes with rejection).