Green Thought in an Urban Shade

Launched last night in London.

I wasn't there, sadly. Well, I'm not sure if it was sadly or not - given that I have too full a plate of things to deal with right now - but I hope it went really well and that those who did attend had a wonderful time. I'm waiting to hear exactly how it all panned out. The Text-tiles shown here are three short stories, mounted on lecterns, for people to read as they browse through the show. The strand of hair is mine, by the way!

I wish I knew how people respond to the Text-tiles, but you can't stand and watch somebody read a 5,000 word story because it makes them nervous, so I still don't know if they are a valuable addition to the wall mounted texts and sculpture stories or not. I won't say the worry keeps me awake at night, but I probably would get to sleep earlier if I knew the answer!