Submit - or suffer!

It's the season of the year when most journals and magazines stop reading - for those of us who live or die by the SAEs that drop through our letterboxes, this is a drought time, a period when our self-belief is eroded and our neuroses rise up to mob us.

If this is how you find the summer, try digging out all your previously published stories and sending them to places that take reprints. Many very fine online journals will accept work that has previously been published in print and you have a great opportunity then to email all your friends (and rivals) when your story goes live. I love this kind of submission because it often means your work gets illustrated, which is rare in print journals, and it gives me a real buzz to see what kind of image the editor has chosen to accompany my story. Also, you tend to get a faster response from the onlines, and that can be enough to get you through the summer of discontent.