If you want to be a writer ...

I don't know JA Konrath, but I admire him.

I'm promoting two anthologies at the moment: Tales of the DecCongested and Tell Tales volume 3. Not because I get royalties from them, I don't, but because I know that if writers don't get out there and support the publishers who put their work on the shelves, those small risk-taking publishers won't last long.

It's a joy to be able to hand a copy of a book to a purchaser, knowing they are about to go home and read your story ... but it's also hard work. Last week I was out delivering copies of Tales of the DeCongested, with posters and flyers and generally schmoozing the good folk of Brighton. I enjoy it, and being asked to sign copies is the best validation any writer can hope for, but you have to earn it.

The gritty details of novel publication are hard to master, so any writer who shares his experience is a resource to be celebrated. JA Konrath is a whirlwind of publishing energy, full of good ideas, hard facts and ways of turning negative signings into positive ones. If you want to be a writer - learn from him.

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