Tales of the DeCongested - Brighton Reading

Last night was wonderful! I'd like to thank everyone who came along - the room was packed, and all the readers who gave us such a fantastic evening. I haven't got permission to post anybody else's photographs yet, so you'll have to make do with this one of me until I can check if others are happy to appear here!

The Cella is a small, very intimate venue, and the audience was supportive and appreciative: we had a great selection of stories from: Frances McCallum; Justine Mann; Justine Shaw; Kate Ansell; Andrew Lloyd-Jones; Farah Reza and Frank Goodman. William Shaw from www.unmadeup.com came along and introduced himself - which was great as he's just run a true story of mine on his site, and it was great to see many writing students and friends who came along to enjoy an evening of talent and fun. Particular thanks to Rebekah Lattin Rawnstrone and Justine Shaw from Apis Books, who put the event together and acted as compere and story reader respectively.