What I did with my Sunday

I interviewed Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry's! It was a hot and dusty day on Clapham Common, and Jerry was running late with all his interviews, but when my turn came I found out why. He's one of the most unassuming, friendly people it's ever been my pleasure to interrogate. He holds conversations with everybody and we were interruped by adoring child fans, buyers from major supermarket chains ... all starry eyed at meeting the man in the white socks and baggy shorts who just happens to have been a pioneer of corporate social values and a manufacturer of bloody good ice cream.

The event was Sundae on the Common, and free ice cream and good live music were the draw for a crowd of several thousand, many of whom came with small children, giving the day a happy atmosphere sometimes lacking in London's live music events. The helter skelter was popular, as you can see.

The article is for Green Futures, who are good enough to commission me to do this kind of thing, so I won't spoil it here, but I will say that I learned a huge amount about how values drove Ben & Jerry's and how the Unilever buy out has changed both companies ... and I ate ice cream, danced with a cow and decided that there are not many better ways to spend a Sunday.