Request slot

Mark Hubbard (who has one of the most interesting jobs ever [to me at least] - see details at Mark's website) and I have been bemoaning the fate of the writer who doesn't live in the USA, and Mark suggested this particular experience deserved a wider audience. You'd think, wouldn't you, that magazines, journals and presses that struggle to remain financially sound, would welcome the injection of cash that contests and subscriptions brings? Well, think again ...

Small American Press (hereafter SAP, for good reasons!) - yes, do please send us your entry fee by paypal. Can you please print the paypal receipt and send it with your postal submission?

Me - You need to tell me where to send my money.

SAP - To us of course.

Me - And your paypal account is ...

SAP - Oh, do we have to have one too? Can't you just send a check?

Me - Thanks, but I'll give this contest a miss.

SAP - Well, that's too bad. How can presses like us keep going if people like you don't support us?

Me - How can writers like me support you if you don't meet me half-way? After all, I am trying to give you money here.

Small American Press has not replied so far ...