Things I hate

In no particular order:

Publications that use their email submission process to send you a rejection on a Sunday - it used to be that one day a week you were safe from those evil 'not for us' messages that arrived by post, but now you can receive evidence of your literary inadequacy all the week through!

Places that send you back the first page of your story with no comment, not even a 'not for us' slip. Why be so rude? How long would it take to add a standard compliments slip with a short message to the envelope?

Writers who reply to thoughtful emails detailing why I'm not accepting their work, by sending me personal insults. To my great delight, I have one writer who has submitted work, then sent me insults when it's not accepted, via three different publications in the past two years. He is, not to be delicate, an arsehole! He can't imagine that I'm blind, deaf and invulnerable because if he did, it wouldn't be worth sending rude messages to me. He might imagine that I'm far too elevated to be affected by his nastiness, in which case he ought to be taking my comments on his work a little more seriously, as they obviously come from somebody with inhuman self control and generosity of spirit. But actually I think he just hasn't realised that I am one person, who has read for several sites and journals, because he's never bothered to look at the mastheads of the places he submits to.