It couldn't happen to a nicer writer ...

Roy Kesey's debut short story collection, All Over, will be published by Dzanc Books in October 2007.

Roy is a darling, who gave me and Fion Gunn dinner and moral support during our sometimes difficult residency in Beijing. His writing is described as 'beautiful and powerful ... mythic, vivid, heart-rending'- by George Saunders, no less! I concur, Roy has a strong candid style that is highly individual and beautiful to read. His novella, Nothing in the World, is a harrowing account of the effects of war and explores a territory, both geographic and emotional, that is traumatised by violence.

Roy believes that '... there has to be someting fundamentally human threaded through all that -- fear and pain and love and worry and jealousy and generosity and spilled juice, say - for it to be worth writing or reading.' (Interview with Richard Cooper at Satori Kick). His writing bears out this credo and I'm thrilled for him, but more for the readers who aren't familiar with his work but have this treat ahead of them.

Kudos, Roy.