National Novel Writing Month - update

25 writers turned up on Wednesday for the Brighton (and Hove actually) kick-off, that's 10 up on our biggest meeting of the previous year. People loved it! We pulled three, then four, tables together, played NaNo Bingo, filled up our Panic Jar, and generally talked up a storm. We had goodie bags for the first time this year, and ALL the sweets got eaten before the end of the evening (I actually ran out of bags - I never imagined so many people would show up).

I made people swap places during the evening, which meant everybody got to speak to new WriMos and the returners shared wisdom and experience. We invented some new in-jokes to go with the rabbits and the tinfoil (don't ask) and generally had a great time.

Photos, I took them so I'm not in them

Suddenly writing is fun again.

Word count - 6708
Fun quotient - 100%
Coffee - 1