Still nothing ...

From One Chapter Promotions - obviously they just don't respond to emails. I wonder if the people who pay them £10 for their contest would feel to know that this competition organiser can't even be bothered to answer simple questions when they are asked politely - let along the folk who hand over £45 for a story critique.

From the Erotica 'Annual' that asked for submissions in September but hasn't ever had a functioning website and has an editor contact which is simply a hotmail address - would you send your work to somebody who was a complete stranger, with no observable track record in publishing, and who can't say who is going to publish their 'annual', how it will be funded, whether and how you will be paid etc. I would fear that my work would be plagiarised in those circumstances.

Writers need to be aware of the risks to their work - a little research can save a lot of heartache and while these organisations may not be criminal or corrupt, they are certainly guilty of a lack of consideration and breathtaking arrogance towards their primary market.