A Room without a View

Where do you write?

My PC monitor faces a blank corner of the room, not a single picture or postcard alleviates this boring view and to see out of the window I have to turn through nearly 360 degrees.

I'm not one of those writers who can cope with distraction - if I can see the clouds moving or the washing on the line, I'll happily gaze at it instead of writing.

I don't listen to music either, as that has far too much power to draw me out of what I'm working on, instead I listen to talk radio, for two reasons

  1. it helps me with dialogue - I pick up rhythms of speech and accents that I can incorporate into my work
  2. it reminds me of things, or piques mY interest in subjects - over the weekend, for example, as I was editing a piece for a website, I heard the announcer mention 'that peculiar jazzman John 'Jack' Purvis'.

Now I've written about Coltrane and Beiderbecke, and I'm still working on an Art Blakey story I started over eighteen months ago, but I'd forgotten the notorious Purvis, robber, fraudster, old lag and possible faker of his own death, as well as trumpet and trombone player with some of the world's best jazz ensembles. I scribbled down his name and have an idea already for a story.

So what helps or hinders your writing - do you know and have you done anything to make yourself more productive?

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