What do you wear to write?

After yesterday's deluge of responses - and boy, aren't we all different - I wanted to explore another subject. I know writers who say their main work-related pleasure is that they can schlep around in a dressing gown all day. I can't.

To write, I have to be properly dressed. Okay I don't put on a business suit and crisp white blouse or anything like that (as those who've met me will testify, I'm most often to be found in hiking boots and my gardening jacket!) but I do have to be fully dressed and businesslike to produce good prose.

I had a student once who nearly gave up writing when his wife gave away his 'writing' shirt. He claimed it was lucky and that without it, he couldn't feel inspired. Funnily enough, I used to have an old grey sweatshirt that I wore most days to write in. On seeing his angst over losing his writing prop, I put that sweatshirt in the bin because I didn't want to become superstitious about my writing apparel.

What do you wear to write, or doesn't it matter to you at all? Didn't William Burroughs claim to write naked? Be warned - nude writers might be asked to supply photographs as evidence!