How was 2006 for you?

In the spirit of transparency, here's how it was for me - as a fiction writer, rather than as a fully rounded human being. Lots of wonderful, terrible, and mundane things happened to the human being, but this is simply the writer's year:

Submissions - 181 (112 still outstanding)

Print publications - 8 (five anthologies, three magazine)

Online paying publications - 10 (I don't give my writing away these days unless as reprints)

Reprints - 6

Commissioned works - 2 (one novel-length erotica for serialisation, one short story, both paying)

Works for exhibitions - 9 (shown in London and Beijing)

Accepted for publication but not yet published - 2 (both anthologies)

Under peer review or in editing - 2

I didn't win any contests but I think I was runner up in two, finalist in two more, and I gave two workshops and five readings I think (could be more actually, I don't record that data).

Is this good? I don't know. I know that no agent has yet snapped up my novel, which could make the whole year seem like a failure if the novel was all I thought about. I know that for a writer who didn't get published in 2006, my year must look like a bonanza, so good or not good rather depends on where you stand. Above all, I know that I could have done better, submitted more, despaired less, reached out to others, shared my experiences and hoped without selfishness.

So my goals for 2007 include the aim of trying to suggest, at least once every month, a place for another writer to get their work published.

Has anybody else any writerly resolutions this year?

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