Did you make any? Were they literary?

My favourite psychologist (yes, I do have a favourite) the excellently offbeat Professor Richard Wiseman, has been talking about resolutions and how little we know about the process of making (and breaking) them.

He points out that the advice given in every agony column and on every webpage to 'tell others' to 'make them measurable' etc is totally untested. And he's setting about testing them. Visit to find out more

But for me, I already have the answer to one of those questions, for me at least - it may not be psychologically sound data (a sample of one rarely is). But it works. If you want to get more work published, you have to submit more work, and if you want to submit more work, you have to create a system that nudges you into submission, and nags and gloats if you don't submit. So I submit work on Thursdays and on Fridays I tell the rest of my writing group about my submissions, acceptances and rejections.

I haven't missed a week (apart from Christmas week) since November 2004 - and my publication rate is pretty damn impressive if I say so myself.

So what did you resolve, and have you stuck to it?

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