The virtues of organisation

Earlier this week I had a submission returned through the post. Apparently I had sent it to the wrong address, although it was impossible to tell as the recipient had stuck a nice big label over the address area, and when I tried to peel it off, the envelope tore.

By asking colleagues at Zoetrope online workshop if they'd had a recent reply from the journal in question, I was able to find out the correct address and the story, duly re-enveloped, headed off again. But without my own little return address label on the back, the submission would never have got back to me and - unaware of its fate - I would have taken to cursing a completely blameless editor for never replying.

If you take your writing seriously, you simply have to set up business-like systems: a database to track your submissions, good labels and envelopes to send them out - and of course, return address labels so your wayward babies can come home if necessary.

And in other news, my essay on Beijing is live at Per Contra -