The past few weeks have been marvellous ones for writers I know personally and I want to congratulate (in alphabetical order):

Vanessa Gebbie - who has beaten literally thousands of writers to be one of five finalists in the Telegraph Novel Competition

Bunny Goodjohn - whose novel, Sticklebacks and Snowglobes, has been picked up by Australian publishers Scribe to complement her American publication by Permanent Press

Susan Hoivik - whose wonderful book, Born In Nepal, will be published there by Vajra Press under the auspice of Eco-Himal. Susan has helped so many books into life, it's about time she was recognised as the superb writer she is in her own right, so these congratulations are particularly heartfelt, coming as they do from somebody who has benefited from her intelligence and insight over several decades

Roger Norman Morris - whose A Gentle Axe has been reviewed in The New York Times Book Review section (regular readers will know I beat the NYT to it).

And yes, they really are congratulations.

Let's be honest, it can be difficult to watch people you know getting the things you dream of but haven't achieved, but on the other hand, I remember something Steve Ovett once said to a group of young runners, 'It doesn't really matter if you win or lose today. But it matters a lot that you're out there, running. Because one day it will be your day ...'

I trust the man with the gold medals on this one. I'm running with the medal winners and one day it will be my day.

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