The Dilemma

Here's the cover of Bravado - isn't it stylish? I think this illustration sums up all that the Bravado Collective, in New Zealand, wish to express and achieve in their journal.

And in this edition they published Galanthus, one of the last of the Green Thought in an Urban Shade stories to find a home, and one of my favourites. So I was happy to see my copy arrive in the post.

But - they spelt my name with an 'e'. Kaye Sexton. And I know why; it's because they have a design person called Kaye Hubner and so if anybody bothered to copyedit the text, their eye probably glossed my name as hers. It is infuriating though - utterly infuriating, a bit like finding half a maggot in the apple you're eating.

So would you mention it, or not? I never do, on the basis that what's done is done, but then I wonder if perhaps it would help the journal do better in future if one pointed these kinds of things out ... what do other writers do, I wonder? Get famous enough not to be misspelt, probably!

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