Brighton Reading tonight!
This is where we'll be tonight, well, downstairs actually, in The Cella at The Sanctuary, in Brighton. It's a venue I've read at several times, and really love; it's intimate and very sophisticated, and of course, the food upstairs is superlative. So apart from the perennial fear that nobody will turn up - I'm looking forward to the evening's readings. Heidi James and Lucy Fry are both coming down to read from their novellas, and over the past couple of weeks I've had the pleasure of getting to know them a little. I can't remember the last time I've enjoyed the company of two other writers quite so much, and I think we do read very well together, which doesn't always happen - one of my best writing 'companions' is somebody I no longer do readings with because we discovered we somehow cancelled each other out.
The weather is showery, which is bad news for readings - more people do tend to turn up for summer readings if the sun shines, but I am trying not to think of reading to an empty room (actually it wouldn't worry me, but it would be horrible for the other two who are both travelling down from London) and instead thinking about how nice it will be when I look out over a sea of friendly faces ... please?

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