Caveat emptor - Cold River Review

I've heard recently that a second writer of my acquaintance has had work republished in Cold River Review. Hurrah for them, you might think - but it's not.

You see, neither writer had given permission for their work to be used, or even been contacted to ask if this use was permissible. Their work had been stolen and used without their knowledge.
It happens a lot, although it's usually plagiarism not reprint theft, but for one journal to keep doing it like this is unbelievable. I wonder if Charles Bukowski and Robert Frost gave their permission for the works which appear in Cold River Review? I rather doubt it, because I suspect that those august writers would object to featuring in a magazine that can't spell deppression (sic) or catch a typo like issusues (sic).

You can pay for Cold River Review by paypal, but I think you'd be a fool if you did. Theft is theft, whether it's a wallet or a poem. To pay to be robbed would be foolish indeed.

Later ... TJ Forrester says that the Bukowski and Frost works have been removed since I posted this blog article - perhaps the cold light of publicity is all this site needed to put its house in order ... we'll see.

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