Radio 4 short story broadcast

Well, I still don’t have any internet access, but I can’t miss the opportunity to drum up listeners for my short story!

You can hear Love Lessons from Cephalopods on Tuesday 18 March at 15:30 on Radio 4 which is 92.4 – 94.6 FM or, if you want to catch it at your leisure, you can use the ‘listen again’ option via your computer for seven days. Simply go to then go to the ‘listen again’ page and on it choose the ‘Afternoon Reading’ slot.

You can hear any story or play that is broadcast on Radio 4 for seven days after broadcast by using this option, so as well as listening to mine, and letting me know what you think, please lend your ears to Wednesday’s story (same time, same place) called Don’t Turn Around, by Marian Garvey – she and I were part of the same workshop in November and I’m really looking forward to hearing what she’s made of Brighton Pier.

Oh, and the teaser for my story,from the Radio Times: A marine scientist challenges a Russian gangmaster to a swimming contest in a love story stage-managed by an octopus …
How can you resist that?