We interrupt our normal schedule ...

To tell you that 41 people turned up for the creative writing group in Hove Library today. 41! Forty-one! FORTY-ONE!

That's amazing. It also meant that five people got turned away, because we couldn't physically fit anybody else in the room, not even standing up. And all 41 of them stayed the course, sitting or standing through two hours of me blathering on or making them do snippety little writing exercises.

I'd like to say it was my magnetic personality and superb facilitation skills that kept them there, but in fact I think it was their own commitment to writing, and to finding or building a group that would support that commitment, rather than anything about me.

The downside, for me, is that I didn't get to speak to everybody properly, and I hope that I'll be able to rectify that next month when we have smaller groups and more time to spend learning about each other's needs and skills and dreams.

Meantime, and in no particular order: respect to the four volunteer coordinators who are going to be taking on the two groups (which we christened The Hatchery and Comedy of Errors) after my facilitation role is over, namely: Debbie, Eileen, Jan and Sarah. Shout-outs to: Tony for keeping score of the voting, and Andy, Marina, Micha, the other Kay, Annie the new blogger, Tori the even newer blogger, Gill, Russell, Binnie, Gina and Lisa for questions, comments, ideas and suggestions - sorry I didn't get to use each and every one, but I'm saving some (particularly the NLP idea) to use next month. Thanks to Russell for already emailing me, so good to see enthusiasm in action! Admiration to Ziggi for having the best name and Cameron for having the best hat, and apologies to the five writers who were turned away because the room was too full.

Hoping to see all of you next month and I will, as promised, communicate with all of you on revised session times.

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