Wet Ink and Green and Black's

Saturday’s post brought two gems – the first a copy of Wet Ink containing my story ‘On the Cusp of Style and Failure’ and the second a Green and Black’s Organic Cereal Bar. I will freely admit I didn’t know which one to tear the wrapper off first! But the magazine won.

So I had the pleasure of spending Saturday morning munching on some of the best chocolate in the world (and telling myself it counted as a healthy breakfast, with all those cereal grains and fruits and nuts) and browsing a magazine new to me.

Let me be honest again. The Green and Black’s made a better initial impression than the magazine. I was not thrilled to bits by the cover, and I’m still not, although it has grown on me, but as I read through, I became more engrossed and impressed. Wet Ink is an Australian publication – it pays its writers well, from my experience treats them well, and publishes an eclectic but well-balanced mix of fiction, poetry, non-fiction and reviews. It has opinions and expresses them and has a clear sense of itself and its place in the literary and wider world.

All in all, it was a good weekend …

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