Writing, teaching, writing

I wonder if other writers find that their own writing comes to a complete stop if they are teaching? Mine certainly does. I was facilitating Hove Library’s two writing groups on 5 and 12 July and from about 3 July until this morning I wrote not a work that wasn’t reports or teaching plans.

The idea interests me because I know many fine teachers of creative writing who never seem to get anything published. Is it because teaching requires so much of them that they don’t write? I’m not sure, but I do know that this is why I limit my own teaching time very strictly. I like teaching but I love writing, and I want to be a writer, not a teacher. I did bake some bread though, and make a rhubarb crumble tart, and some redcurrant muffins. But that doesn’t really count as creativity – more as greed!

Does any more experienced writing tutor or academic wish to share their own experience? I’m fascinated to know if my personal experience can be generalised to the writing community as a whole.