Paul Campbell – he writes EastEnders!

I’ve only met Paul once, and then exchanged a couple of workshop reviews with him, but that counts as friendship, in the arms-distance world of writing. And, despite my Archers addiction, I don’t watch TV soaps – but when it’s one of your own it’s different.

Paul Campbell wrote tonight’s East Enders. I watched from the opening credits to the closing ones where it said ‘Written by Paul Campbell’ in big white letters. And it was very very good. I could definitely see myself sitting down to watch again tomorrow … and that’s purely down to the merit of the script, as apart from Babs being Babs, I had no idea who any of the characters were, or why I should care about them.

I’m not going to spoil things for omnibus watchers (see how quickly I slip into the jargon?) but believe me, in the world of TV script-writing, Paul is going to be somebody who shines, really shines.

I'm so very chuffed that I don't quite know where to put myself. Isn't it great when one of your own does something really spiffing? Answer, yes it is.

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