Writing, writers and humbleness

I’m going to start by sending you off! Please go and read Fiona’s excellent account of why it’s sometimes important to spend more than necessary – it’s here: Cottage Smallholder.

Okay, so what have Tesco’s mushrooms got to do with frugal writers? Very simply, sometimes making the investment in your writing is what you need to kick your own backside to the next level.

As an example, I used to write in any old shorthand pad or notebook. Then, one day, I found myself talking to a BIG agent (not my agent) in a bar, and the BIG agent actually leaned over and plucked my crappy old shorthand pad (Asda, 79 pence) from my bag. Between awe and horror and a certain sense of paralysis that came from the invasion of my personal space, I saw bits of scrap paper, old bus tickets and other impedimenta fall from the notebook's pages onto the pub floor. Needless to say, I was humiliated, even though the BIG agent claimed to enjoy what he read in my truly awful handwriting.

Nowadays I write in Moleskines - the ones with a pocket at the back for scrap paper. I would never have bought one if the BIG agent hadn’t shamed me into it, but because I have one, and it’s expensive and lovely, I feel compelled to make use of it every day. And because of that compulsion do write just about every day, and because I write every day, I have far more work to send out than most writers I know. And because I send the work out, I have just torn the cellophane off my fourth moleskine, having filled three in the past year. And having paid for them from my writing income, of course!

Sometimes the spur you need is to invest in yourself, and then live up to your investment, whether it’s a course, a notebook, a special pen or just printing some business cards that say ‘writer’ and handing them out.

Moleskines courtesy of culture.culte

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