Writer Neurosis Revealed

Okay, time to admit to one of my rare neurotic fixations. Tea.

Specifically – Assam tea. Ultra-specifically – Whittards Loose Leaf Assam tea. I drink it. A lot. In fact, compulsively. It is one of my three remaining addictions, the others being yoga and chocolate … (not talking about the addictions I have recovered from, you'll notice).

Which is why panic has ensued. If Whittards do call in the receivers, will it be a good or bad thing for this writer?

• On the plus side: potentially large purchases of heavily discounted Assam tea.
• On the minus side: after said potentially large purchases, no more glorious large-leaved malty tea.

And I’m not sure if I can write without my tea. Really I’m not. Worried. More than somewhat. A tea quest may be necessary.

Assam tea picker courtesy of ahinsajain

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