The Book and The Rose

Well, I think we were an outrageous success! My thanks go to the brave readers from The Hatchery and Comedy of Errors, who took on one of Brighton’s most popular city squares, on the hottest day of the year, and made the audience love them.
We started with a few people and ended with a small throng. Not quite a crowd but definitely a bit more than just an audience. Nineteen stories were read in 20 minutes, and if I tell you that I introduced the writers too, you can imagine just how quick-fire our ultra short story reading was.
My thanks go to – in the order in which they read - Annie Kerr, Marina Stubbs, Jeannette Nundy, Liz Lundin, Roger Bluff, Kay Beer, Kavita Amarnani and Pam Vincent. They were great writers, even better readers, and a lovely bunch to introduce to the world.

We’ll do it all again next year!

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