Good Writing Days and Bad Writing Days

At the moment my writing companion is Twitter – I log on, use the #amwriting tag to tell people what I am aiming to achieve that day, and slog on with the task.

If you’ve had a few days (or weeks, or months) off writing, it can be hard to get back into the routine. I can’t write first thing in the morning, as I used to, because first thing in the morning is currently reserved for doing the physiotherapy that allows me to feel like human being for the rest of the day, and without that transition from subconscious to instant novelling, I’ve been more than a bit adrift.

Twitter helps. It’s better than meeting up with people, mainly because although it is lovely to see folk, it does cut into one’s writing time! It’s like meeting up but being able to leave whenever you like and then come back without having to explain yourself.

Twitter has also delivered me a wonderful ‘crime expert’ who has answered a knotty question for me that has been impeding (subconsciously) progress on the novel in progress. She’s @EffieMerryl on Twitter if you want to follow her. Good value. Very good value.

And I’ve just has some maybe good news. I’m shortlisted for a brilliant project I’d love to win. Just need to do revisions …

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