This is not a blog post

Because there are some things you cannot do well if you’re tired and writing is one of them, or at least if you’re me, you can’t.

As to why I’m tired, my OH has a recurrence of cluster headaches. If you don’t know the condition I won’t bore you with it, suffice it to say that the sufferer is woken up to half a dozen times a night with intensely painful headaches and the other name for cluster headaches is ‘suicide headaches’ and you’ve got the picture.

So … he does try not to wake me, but I’m a light sleeper at best, so between us we’re getting just about enough sleep for one person – it’s like being a new parent again, but with none of the compensations like having delightful babies to cuddle or people bringing bunches of flowers.

It coshes my ability to write anything decent and although I can read, I wouldn’t describe it as ‘quality’ reading, so I’m not even able to review any books for you.

About all I’m good for is ironing and eating chocolate, so if you have some of each, feel free to drop them off at my house!

(Mind you, even in my current state of exhaustion I can spot a dangling modifier, which is more than the staff of Costa coffee can ...)

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