Interdisciplinarity (or doing what you want and getting away with it)
You are probably getting the idea by now that I didn’t expect to launch myself on the world in book-length prose, by writing about allotments. The fact that I am is a source of constant confusion and amusement to me. I had thought this confused pleasure was a strictly personal deal, until I heard Audrey Niffenegger speak earlier this week.

Niffenegger was charming and erudite with an extremely dry wit that caused the occasional delayed reaction giggling fit in the audience, and she spoke with authority about the role of interdisciplinary art and the value that being in an interdisciplinary department had brought to her writing, as well as her artistic development. She also has utterly beautiful handwriting, like art deco wrought iron.

Inspired by Audrey, I spent most of Tuesday night working out how to resurrect my long-deferred dream to write a graphic novel. I was writing one, and even had a publisher interested, and then something happened to the artist I was working with …

So I wondered if I could create an entire graphic novel myself? Insane idea. But worth trying. So I think I shall give it a go, but don’t watch this space, as it will quite likely come to nothing at all except lots of furious sketching on my part.

As I said, I never expected to be writing a book about allotments, so who knows where this could lead!

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