Challenges for writers

I have signed up for Janathon. It’s a challenge that runs through the month of January (hence Jan) and is based on running (as in (mar)athon) therefore Janathon. Those who undertake the challenge will try to run, or take some other form of exercise, every day for a month, and blog about it.

Even before I signed up I knew that I would log the least mileage of all the runners – even the ones who get injured on 1 January will probably have covered more distance in their first run than I will in a month. But that’s not the point, as least for me.

I’m doing it to force myself to blog daily for a month, to exercise daily, for a month and to prioritise those two aspects of my life for a month that, frankly, I loathe. January is a great time to try new things, but I shy away from making resolutions, never having kept one, so far. I do like going for challenges though, and as long as I’m allowed to bend the rules almost to breaking point, I generally enjoy taking part in group-based ones.

So in the month ahead you can expect lots of musings on the relationship between exercise and writing, some thoughts on how I use running to solve plot problems, sidelong meanders into the world of the Runner’s High and its relationship to the production of good erotica, and brief updates on my actual running process – I might even manage to find my old Garmin and start logging how many miles I run!

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