Day 16 Long Ralk with lunch in prospect

Stats at the bottom for janathon checker-person who should get double-karma-blessings for working on a Sunday.

Today was a run-walk (a ralk, in our house) with @pinkyandnobrain. Also lunch. When I woke up it wasn’t raining. When I walked the dog it still wasn’t raining! I was so surprised by this that I crocheted a cloud.

The cloud has to be felted, have some raindrops attached, and then be joined by another little cloud, and then I will have two cloud brooches to wear. Alternatively the whole experiment may go horribly wrong (as often happens with freeform crochet) and you may hear no more about it. We’ll see.

Before @pinkyandnobrain arrived I marinated a chicken in lemon juice and rubbed the cavity with zest. Then it was coated in butter, olive oil and a little water and cooked in a very hot oven for 20 minutes while we chatted and got changed. The oven temperature was lowered and we set off. We walked from the bottom of 3-Cornered Copse to the top, then ran Green Ridge to the windmill and back to 3-Cornered Copse (the return journey being against a stiff wind) and all the way back down. It still wasn't raining.

When we got home I beat two eggs with some Greek yoghurt and some more water and poured it over the chicken. After 15 minutes this forms a thick and rather ugly looking omelette affair which tastes utterly delicious. It’s a Cretan recipe, apparently. Well done those Greeks!

Well done to us too, as we managed:

• Distance - 4.1 k
• Time – quite reasonable, considering
• Conversation – serial killers; administration of charities; running shoes; travel agents; solitude; Nietzsche; fashion; dog walkers; MA studies; family gatherings; Moomins
• Pudding – chicory essence and walnut mini-muffins with vanilla ice-cream.

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