Janathon Day 10 – the ‘don’t bloody ask’ day!

This is how bad it was – I’m giving you a choice of my janathon misery or a good laugh and I’d strongly recommend the laugh.


• Distance - 1.45k
• Mood – frustration turning to fear, becoming fury and veering hysteria-wards later
• Backstory – complicated.

To begin at the beginning. I actually managed to forget I had to run today, until a tweet reminded me. As I’d planned an entire day without time for a run, this was a bit of a bastard. Frustration arrived.

Then, in faffing around trying to work out how to fit in a run, I accidentally invited another Janathon participant to run with me before we go out for lunch. So this is running, with a stranger, who’s intimately involved in the Janathon project, through central Brighton. I must have gone insane. But by the time the momentary insanity wore off she’d agreed and I’d found a place for us to leave our bags so we could run unimpeded. Hello fear.

So to reset my mood, I ran. I picked 3-Cornered Copse for two reasons: 1 – it is out of the wind and Brighton has become gale city today and 2 – it’s a steep hill and I always feel better if I run up there. But when I got home, I discovered I’d run through dogshit, and as I only have one pair if running shoes at present, this meant I had to scrub my shoes clean because I have to wear them tomorrow. Fury took up residence in my soul.

And while I was scrubbing my shoes, outside, over the drain, it started to rain. An icy, sleety, bitter-stinging rain. And I wanted to howl at the sky but I feared that if I did I would end up in Mill Hill (local mental health facility) and that would mean the end of my Janathon. So hysteria (the silent kind) moved in.

And now I’d advise you to go and have a laugh while you can, because if this is my ‘don’t ask’ day, and you haven’t had yours yet, it can only be just around the corner.

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