Janathon Day 11 – the keeping company day

Stats at the bottom for the lovely Janathon checkers.

Today I ran with @janathon_ - a shortish loop from Jew Street (where we left our non-running kid with the excellent folks from New Writing South: you know you belong to a really good membership organisation when they act as bag-minders so you can Janathon!) down to Old Steine, along the seafront by the West Pier, and then back.

Because we couldn’t get a signal we aren’t sure about distance, and we were also meeting for the first time, so it had to be a slow enough run to talk. We ate lunch at Bill’s and then went down to Boho Gelato for pudding (chocolate and blood orange ice-cream for me, half and half of chocolate chilli and mince pie ice-cream for Cathy) before a swift walk back up to the train. It was fun!

I get really nervous about running with people I don’t know, but once I start it’s usually great and this time was no exception. The West Pier looked particularly fine today, although the photo is from Sunday because I didn’t have a camera on me.

• Distance 2.2 k (but we think it was really 3 k at least because it took so long to get a signal)
• Time – very slow
• Mood – nervous becoming relaxed
• Food – lots!