Janathon Day 19 – the ‘like a virgin’ day

Today’s run was a 2 kilometre run/walk around Hove Park with a new runner. In fact, rather oddly, she’s somebody who might be hiring me as a running/yoga coach. Me!

Although it’s not as odd as all that. I qualified as a yoga teacher in 1987, and I’ve taught on and off ever since. Mainly off, to be honest, because I prefer to perform my asanas alone. But nobody has ever suggested I could coach them at running before.

Still we started with a gentle approach to fartlek and took it in turns to set a landmark to run to, and the pace we ran at. Her pace when running was faster than I would have set, which is what I expected, as most new runners start off faster than they can continue to run at. We explored running at a pace you can talk at, and running too fast to talk and then allowing the breathing to return to normal before increasing the pace again. It seemed to go well and she was very surprised (and pleased) to find she’d covered 2k without really noticing. Then back to her place for a couple of stretches that I hope will work to prevent her hip problem (sounds vaguely sciatic) recurring and we’ll see how she’s feeling tomorrow.

As for me, I feel great! It’s humbling to realise just how much I take my ability to run and do other forms of exercise for granted, and that I simply don’t appreciate, very often, how lucky I am to have the time, space, ability and training to indulge my various physical activities to the full. For the rest of the month I shall try to remember that running is a privilege and to enjoy it as such.