Janathon Day 23 – the ’squeezed into the day’ run

Today is another day that my run got squeezed. In fact at around 6pm I thought I was going to have to declare it a non-running day.

We started by going to a local garden centre to buy seed potatoes. Then to the allotment to move loads of strawberries to their new home, transplant lavender and have an enormous bonfire.

It was gigantic. It could probably be felt the other side of Hove. Between digging up and replanting, moving barrowloads of manure, finding several marble work surfaces buried under the ground and having to dig them out (in pieces) and generally hauling wood around for the fire, I was exhausted by the time we got home at around 5pm. But somehow I dragged my unwilling carcass out of the door for a 1 km run. It took eight minutes. That’s it.

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