Janathon Day 30 – they think it’s all over

It is now.

Inspired by Misty2k to do more than what I’d planned, which was a short lumber around the block but not wishing to Radcliffe, I remembered that a couple of years ago when I was training for the Bexhill 10k I worked out a PTR that was around 3k long.

PTR is a public toilet run for those who don’t know, and it’s a route that allows the hapless runner to feel relatively confident that they will make it to a convenience in time, if they have tummy issues.

So I PTRd today and it was fine. Didn’t need the PT bit at all.

Stats for lovely Jules for the last time

• Distance - 3.11k
• Time – immaterial
• Radcliffes – zero
• Things learned – if you run for 30 days in a row you end up with abs that would break Ray Winstone’s knuckles; a strict running regime doesn’t necessarily flush a recalcitrant protagonist out of hiding (although I am just starting to get a hint on how to proceed with the rewrite of the novel); challenges are fun; top quality chocolate is essential to active running (I already knew that but it’s worth restating); you meet nicer people out running than almost any other way.

PS - in fact my abs would shatter the knuckles of any action hero of choice, so I've given you three plus Spielberg to choose from ...

PPS - picture courtesy of TVSquadJulia