Janathon Day 5 – the bad karma day

An old running friend rings me.

Her: I saw your blog about runners and masochism.

Me: Good. The point of writing is for somebody else to read it.


Her: Oh. Right … So … I liked it a lot.

Me, graciously: Thank you.

Her, apprehensively: But…

Me, frostily: But?

Her, even more apprehensively: Well, when you first mentioned sexual deviancy and runners you said you were going to write about runners, sexual deviancy, and chocolate.

Me: And your point is?

Her: You didn’t include the chocolate.

Me: Did you READ the post I wrote yesterday?

Her, now with quavering voice: Yes, of course I did, every word!

Me: And do you consider yourself to be somebody who knows me?

Her: Urm. Yes?

Me: Yes – question mark?

Her: Yes, no question mark. Yes, I know you.

Me: And what did I say that people who knew me would be thinking as they read it?

Her: Urm … that you weren’t a masochist?

Me: That’s right. So, given the theme of the post, what does that probably make me?

Her, obviously wondering if she should say what she’s thinking which is ‘a patronising bitch’: Urm …a sadist?

Me: Well done!

Her: I don’t get it.

Me: Think about it.

Her: Urm … oh, right. That’s nasty.

Me, smugly: Never said I wasn’t nasty.

Her: So are you going to write about chocolate?

Me: You really don’t get this sadism stuff do you?

Her, puts phone down.

Today’s run: 1.8k downhill in the stinging rain to the doctors’ surgery and 1.8k back in similar rain but up the godforsaken hill, so two runs really or a split run with added hanging around in the middle, stinking the GPs’ waiting room up. GP used to be a runner and is now a swimmer, so he didn’t mind, or was polite enough to say he didn’t.

Why run to the doctors’ surgery? Because OH’s van failed its MOT. He has my car, so I have no vehicle today and lots of words had to be banged together so that was my only chance to run. Disgruntled is not the word for my mood right now.

So I am going to the cinema to see a film – on the bus. Today has been a lousy running day – tomorrow I have to do the same run again but in the morning, for a phlebotomist’s appointment, and I think that is my bad karma (for being a cow on the phone) catching up with me. Therefore tomorrow’s blog will contain fulsome amounts of writing about chocolate, okay?

PS - look closer, some of those flowers are made of chocolate ...

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