Plenty of scope for puns (sorry I Havant a clue etc) but I shall ignore them. Havant is a beautiful little place and The Spring is an excellent arts centre in a truly stunning setting. I had a fine time reading there and hope the audience enjoyed it too. I can't recommend this literary festival too highly, it was friendly, inclusive, well-organised and had a great blend of writers, craftspeople and artists taking part.

This is an untreated photo (not sure what that means, presumably that I haven't been airbrused to perfection) of me reading - I'm not sure what it proves, except that I'm not photogenic, but there you are, it proves (perhaps) that I am real. That's shocking pink nail varnish by the way - this year's challenge (to grow my own food in a well-groomed fashion or maybe just to never again be the woman who short-circuited her house by trying to pamper herself with the foot-spa she'd previously used as a propagator) is still going strong. It's nearly October and I have managed to manicure myself all the way from January!

Image courtesy of Terrmite

Thank you to all who came along - it was fun!

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