End of Year Statistics Submissions/Acceptances/Rejections

Well, it’s that time of year again, and I’ve opened my submissions programme and worked through my year’s activities. Here’s a sad confession (second one in seven days!) I’m really very crap at numbers and statistics are an arcane mystery to me. So it took me as long to work all this out as it would have to write a flash fiction. Isn’t that terrible?

Anyway, to the nuts and bolts:

• Submissions = 122

• Acceptances = 33

• Rejections = 71

• Pending = 18

• Still pending from 2007 = 7 (hmmm …)

This is a lower submission rate than 2007, but I have written a novel in the twelve intervening months, which cuts down on one’s ability to write and send out short fiction.

Am I happy with this set of figures? Yes, although had one of the acceptances been a radio play I would have been truly happy, not just mostly happy. Getting a radio play accepted was on my 2007 goal list, and although I got close, I didn’t get my coconut, so it’s back on the 2008 list and I really hope that with the help of my excellent producer I shall be able to produce a wholly happy set of stats this time next year.

And you … how did you do?

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